Maria’s Full Body Summer SlimDown

Slim Down & Tone Up with these 6 Easy-to-do Exercises

  • Watch the video and workout along with me.  You’ll love the way you feel! 
  • Refer to the Step-by-Step guides for each exercise and print our hard-copy guide to use when you’re “off line.”
  • Have questions about a particular exercise?  Contact me!  I’m happy to walk you through.


Summer Slimdown from Maria Mizzi on Vimeo.

Exercise Guides

Fruit smoothies

BONUS 5-Day Slimdown Nutrition Plan

How are you feeling? You’ve been working out to your 17-minute Slimdown video for a few days now.   Keep it up, you’ll soon see those muscles begin to take shape, feel your internal strength grow,  and begin thinking in that healthy way you used to daydream about.  It’s happening, you
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